Enter the Wunderkammer

     The darkened study of the Scholar. The room is illuminated by a candle on his desk. The dim light shows a room filled with the artifacts of a lifestyle of travel. Books line the walls. Strange masks, paintings and carvings hang on those spots not filled by bookshelves. These shelves hold innumerable oddities and curiosities. Your eyes alight on a bell jar set in one shelf, which holds a singular object, with the label Sylphus Sappheiros. You look in wonder, as it appears to be the remains of a small, winged creature which looks remarkably like a human. You hear a sound from the desk, and turn your attention to the inhabitant of this room of curiosities. Seated at an enormous, carven dark wood desk, filled with scraps of parchment, drawings, scales and various instruments, is the Scholar. A young looking creature, with long blond hair, and sapphire eyes which seem to flash as they flit from place to place with the sharp attention of their owner. Clad in fur and gold brocade, he seems to be a denizen from another age, and yet is right at home amidst these surroundings. He is scratching at a piece of parchment with a quill, when he glances up and sees you standing there before him.

"Ahh, good," he says slowly.
"You're here. Welcome to my Wunderkammer."


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