The First Letter

The Scholar sends you home, with the promise of the receipt of a letter very soon. Two days later, you receive a letter by special courier. It is a large, parchment affair, sealed with an enormous wax wafer with the initials JOC. It is from the Pofessor, as he promised! You crack open the letter, and begin to read...

My Good Reader,

Today was a most eventful day. Around 3:00, I received a package from a dear friend of mine, Our Lady. She runs a very interesting and productive affair, with all her multifarious pursuits.
But anyway, the package. She sent me a small jar, tightly sealed, which contained a lightly colored liquid and a few dark strands. The attached note informed me that she had just made up a batch of the Extract of Vanilla, and was in need of labels for aforementioned extract. She knew of my calligraphic skills, and so requested me to make some for her, in return for the bottle she sent me. She gave me instructions to keep the bottle in a dark environment for some weeks, and then it would be ready. Fortunately, my Wunderkammer has no lack of darkened corners and nooks. Acquiescing to her request, I went to my books. I dug up my dog-eared and weatherworn copy of the Florentine Codex, and it's description of Vanilla by Aztec scholars. So, I made up some labels, and sent them to Our Lady with my swiftest pigeon.
In other news, word has reached me that Dr. Hamshackle's laboratory has recently been burglarized, and has advised me to arm myself against the same vilians. To that end, I have begun construction of a defensive weapon, which I shall keep in my bottom drawer. I'll be sure to let you know how that progresses.

Defensively Yours,
Professor J.


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