Another Letter, What Joy!

You hear a knock on the door, and open it to find another special courier standing there with a large envelope. Hastily you take it, and open it. It is another letter from the Professor, and you start to read.

Hello Again, Studious Reader!

I so hope you are well. Today, I have decided that I ought to find out the provenance of my multifarious curiosities. To that end, I plan on contacting a fellow scholar, and asking him if he could perchance look at a few of the inhabitants of my Wunderkammer, and see from whence they came! Also, you may be interested to know, I went about yesterday to a few thrift stores and picked up some very lovely pieces, which shall perhaps be worked into a new invention. I'm especially pleased about the acquisition of a quite old, un-working clarinet that I found for mere pence, which shall be sacrificed upon the Altar of Creation quite soon indeed! In other news, I'm soon to receive a package from abroad. One of my Fellows in the Royal Scientific Exploratory Council is due back from an expedition to the Dark Continent and Indochina very soon. He promised to send me any interesting artifacts he acquired, but what with the state of the postal service, I fear his steamer may arrive before the antiquities do! Well, luckless reader, I'm afraid that's all the news I have for now. I'll write to you very soon, and let you know the contents of the package!

Esoterically Yours,
Prof. J.


Our Lady of Perpetual Stitching January 11, 2010 at 9:25 PM  

My, oh my!! Your life sounds as exciting as ever it has, Professor. Clarinets fashioned into new inventions, artifacts from the Dark Continent all sound most intriguing. I will await further details as well as some photos of your progress in these matters.
I did enjoy your note at my little space. Your words are always most gratifying. I shall try your cure for this wretched cold I have acquired. Thank you for your concern and kindness.

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